Strengthening the Massena Public Library

The Massena Public Library Board of Trustees urges you to support their decision to guarantee future library funding and services by supporting the library as it transitions from a Municipal Public Library to a School District Public Library.


What is a School District Public Library?

School District Public Libraries are autonomous legal entities, independent of the school district or town and are governed by elected library boards.

School District Public Libraries have service areas that coincide with the school district in which they are located. The Massena Central School District includes Massena, Louisville and portions of Brasher and Norfolk.

School District Public Libraries receive funds directly from school district taxpayers by asking them to vote on a resolution placed on the annual school district ballot. The library has the authority to schedule a vote on its budget each year. If the funding proposition passes, the school district collects the taxes and turns the funds over to the library board.

School district taxpayers pay an amount based on their assessed property value, just like they do for school taxes. Generally, the annual cost for supporting the library is low.

This funding option is becoming one of the most popular funding avenues in today's public libraries. Many of our North Country communities including Potsdam, Canton, Ogdensburg and Harrisville are partially or fully funded through a school district vote.